5 Top Tips for Choosing a New Bathroom Suite

Published On November 16, 2016 | By Brittn Neyes | Home

When it comes to choosing the perfect bathroom suite there are some rules everybody should follow. Meanwhile, there are also many ways home owners can break the mould and enjoy doing so without breaking the rules, or the bank – and here are just five of them.

  1. Choose Your Tiles Carefully

Many modern bathrooms are tiled wall-to-wall, as well as featuring tiled floors or tile effect vinyl flooring. For this reason bathroom tiles need to be approached with as much caution, careful thinking and thought as paint and / or wallpaper. At best tiles can make a bathroom, add personality, inject colour, introduce pattern and create a space in which a bath or shower can be a luxurious and cathartic experience. At worst, tiles can break a bathroom and turn shower or bath time into a chore to be endured rather than enjoyed.

Then, and to ensure you opt for the right tiles, ahead of choosing, visit Aston Designs bathroom showroom in Milton Keynes’ website and give their blog article: 5 Top Tips for Choosing the Perfect Bathroom Tiles, a read through. It could just save you a fair amount of money as well as from buying tiles you will all too soon come to regret.

  1. Keep It Neutral

Especially when designing a smaller bathroom or en-suite, a really important tip and one definitely worth taking is to add character, style and colour with accessories, fixtures, towels and even the odd candle or ornament, but keep the general decor neutral.

Observing this super simple tip will not only in all likelihood save you money, it is likely to also save you a massive amount of regret as fashions change quickly and fixtures, accessories and towels can all be inexpensively cheaply replaced when you get bored.

  1. A White Suite is the Only Option

In no uncertain terms,  coloured bathroom suites are a no-no. Perhaps the only interior design rule which is itself an exception to the rule in that is has no exceptions, coloured bathroom suites (to reiterate) are just wrong in every single way.

In fact, and as reported via the Journalism website, coloured bathroom suites are not just aesthetically offensive, they are so aesthetically offensive that coloured bathroom suites came number one in a 2015 survey of people’s most hated bathroom features.

Further, and for this reason, investing in one or living in a home that features one can even see the value of your property drop as replacing a bathroom unlike furniture of course costs money, time and effort potential buyers would rather spend elsewhere.

  1. Shower vs. Bathtub

In 2016 potential home buyers expect a bathroom to feature a shower; increasingly hectic modern lives and the desire to be energy and water efficient make a shower a necessity.

Then, in a bathroom that provides the scope in terms of size it really is well worth considering having a separate shower and bathtub fitted. This is true even if you prefer and only use one or the other exclusively. The cost of having both fitted when designing a new bathroom and in bathrooms that have the luxury of the space to do so is likely to amount to be a fraction of the value having both fitted to a good quality will add to the value of your property.

Meanwhile, in homes which feature family bathrooms of a smaller size, it is equally important to opt for a bathtub and shower combo; quite simply, this will prevent potential home buyers from being put off by either the lack of a bathtub or the lack of a shower. Whether you intend to sell in the near future or personally prefer a shower or a bath is irrelevant; finding a way to have both will add long term value to your property, and that is something all house owners can agree is a good thing.

  1. Inexpensive Features that Add Value as well as Convenience

Last but by no means least, a bathroom in 2016 is not simply a room in which the toilet, sink, tub and shower belong; equally, and despite living in an age in which it is entirely possible to have televisions, sound systems and even tiles that light up fitted into a bathroom, this is to go to the opposite extreme and as such just as likely to knock value off your home as a coloured suite or gold taps.

That said, there are a number of inexpensive features worth adding to our bathroom or opting for that add both value and convenience. These include heated towel rails, large shower heads and several more which you can learn about via the Telegraph Newspaper website and specifically by reading the article: Top 20 Ways to Add Value to Your Home, which was written by TV personality and real estate expert, Phil Spencer.

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