Bathroom Remodeling 101

Published On September 14, 2016 | By Brittn Neyes | Remodeling Guide

Remodeling your bathroom can be a stressful process, but there are ways to make everything easier. Whether you’re doing the work on your own or trusting a local contractor for the labor, you want to make sure that the job runs smoothly and finishes on times. No matter who you work with, a member of a bath and kitchen buying group like SEN Design Group or another professional, be sure to follow these easy tips to take the stress out of renovating your bathroom.

Have Realistic Expectations

Be realistic about the costs and the timeline. As you upgrade your materials, the final price will naturally rise. Decorate accents like tile borders will look great, but you need to look at the overall cost for the entire bathroom. While a single tile may only cost five dollars, it can add a substantial amount to your bathroom if you’re working with a large area. A general rule of thumb is to add 10 percent to your overall cost so that you won’t have surprises later.


The timeline is another area where people are often surprised. Just the demolition of your old bathroom can take a full weekend, and new installations will be delayed if you’re waiting for appointments with electricians and plumbers. You could easily go a few weeks without a fully functional bathroom, so ensure that you have a plan in place to handle this inconvenience.

Save Where You Can

There are smart ways to save money without sacrificing quality. One is to work with a kitchen-buying group so that you can get better rates on the fixtures you love. You may be able to do some of the labor yourself to save money. Communicate openly with your contractor to determine if you can do some tile work or painting on your own and leave the trickier aspects to the professionals.

Consider the Little Details

There’s more to your bathroom than the cabinets and commode. Consider the lighting you’ll use, what type of hardware will work, and what storage accessories you want. Make these decisions ahead of time so that you can adjust the budget accordingly.


Double-Check All Sizes

When renovating a bathroom, it’s common for people to be surprised by variations in size. Bathtubs have grown slightly, so the standard tub available at your local store may not fit where your existing tub is. You’ll need to work around this by either enlarging the opening or going with a different type of tub. Vanities are currently a little higher than they were 20 years ago, and toilets may even take up more space. Double-check the sizing requirements to ensure that your new fixtures will fit.

When you’re realistic about the expectations, the project will be more enjoyable for you. With some careful considerations, you can find places to save money without sacrificing any quality, including working with a kitchen-buying group. Finally, make sure that you have a plan in place for being without one of your bathrooms. This will help you avoid arguments once the demolition work starts.

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