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Published On December 27, 2016 | By Brittn Neyes | Home

Modern man and society it has become an important part of life to be conscientious of not leaving a mark on the planet so that our children may have a future. In cities and residential areas much of the surface area of the city is represented by many roofs and roadways which can have an adverse effect on the environment; by collecting trace chemicals and other pollutants such as hydrocarbons and other heavy chemicals that collect over time in impervious paving solutions we are creating a greenhouse effect on the planet raising temperatures in the aforementioned area. Due to these modern concerns having a paving solution that can keep the soil from being a contributor to excess heat and runoff becomes greatly advantageous.

TrueGrid can provide that solution! TrueGrid is a great paving solution for the world conscious business or private citizens. If you are concerned with the places where we live work and otherwise develop ourselves then TrueGrid is the paving solution you’ve been looking for. This product gives you the ability to have a greener solution for your paving needs. TrueGrid is a permeable paver ideal for the home, bus depot, school, marketplace, nature trail etc. truly the applications are up to you.

The benefits of the TrueGrid system include these and more. TrueGrid has a ninety percent porosity which permits excess water to flow through it allowing for erosion and sediment control for runoff to not pollute but instead find itself back through the ground to natural aquifers and allowing pollutants to filter themselves through bioremediation back into the soil after being broken down by naturally occurring bacteria in the cylinders where the material will be housed. This makes storm water management and treatment a non-issue. Other systems such as this one have been around for quite some time but none have been as strong or durable as the American made alternative.

TrueGrids testament to having a greener world can be seen by its many awards given to it by the U.S. department of interior and the U. S. department of energy. Heralded by these entities TrueGrid has been given grants to promote the TrueGrid benefits as an asphalt and concrete alternative, due to its low impact in development, high permeability, strong durability against heavy loads, and let’s not forget the fact that it is made with one hundred percent post-consumer recycled material. Let’s not forget that having TrueGrid also means a reduction in the heat index of your newly paved area minimizing the greenhouse effect you are personal causing in the environment you choose to develop yourself in.

So if you’re concerned with a better tomorrow, if you would like to actually leave our children a world to live in, if you love this country and the future that our children can build with the world we leave them the only solution for your paving needs from this day forth is simply TrueGrid. Save the planet save yourself some time increase potable water reservoirs reduce soil pollution and heat.

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